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Once finished high school, she has worked in different fields but never abandoning what was at the time her hobby: make-up. Back then, despite the piles of make up magazines and any type of cosmetics she owned, Roberta never would have thought that make-up would become her profession. It all began after the casual encounter with Paolo Tosetto who invited her to take part in one of his courses. Since then it was a complete makeover: months and months of hard studies, practice, obstacles, but also satisfaction and the on going feeling that the real Roberta,  was truly coming up.

In the following years, she took plenty of specialization courses constantly striving to perfection her knowledge of the make-up profession. She also attended the Fashion Avenue Academy in Milan to better get to know the high fashion world. Milan, where she steadily has many commissions, is the city that allows her to get to know many influent figures of her field. She has proven herself valuable and knowledgeable and was able to participate to important events such as Milano Fashion Week; TV programme "Tacco 12" broadcasted by La7 where she had the honour of working with Alessandra Moschillo (John Richmond's daughter) and Moreno Pisto (editor and director of Urban Magazine); "Ciao Bellezza" a program directed by Diego Dalla Palma broadcasted by Rete4. Roberta has also had many collaborations in the field of hairstyling and was able to work with the artistic teams of worldwide known hair products brands such as GHD and Kemon. Ultimately she has cooperated with fashion brands like Replay Jeans, Diesel, Golden Point, Kristina Ti, United Color of Benetton, Met Jeans, Silvian Heach, Manila Grace, Dodo Jewels, Autry shoes  etc..

Nowadays, Roberta is working between Milan and Venice, her hometown, on every aspect of her profession: fashion shoots, editorial shoots, wedding shoots, destination weddings, TV and Cinema backstages and once a year also the prestigious Mostra del Cinema di Venezia.

Make-up. . . . A part of Me !
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